cheesy muffins – a delicious recipe the kids will love!

here I am at last with a no fail recipe……there is not one child I have made these for that has not loved them.  so read on, make (with the help of the kids) and enjoy!  you will want more than 1!

cheesy muffins

1 cup flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 cup grated cheese, 1 cup milk, 1 egg

heat oven to 200 degrees C and grease patty tins.  break egg in small bowl and fill with warm milk.  when oven is to beat egg and milk together and mix with dry ingredients.  bake for about 10 mins.

Party Food That Is Healthy

Do you get concerned about the amount of sugar children consume at birthday parties? I do! But don’t turn away, yawn or think I am some kind of weirdo……I started thinking about yummy healthy options, searched through my receipe files and the Internet and found heaps!  A lot has to do with how we present the food that will then appeal to our little ones (and of course we don’t tell them it’s healthy).

So here are some ideas:
* Fruit Kebabs

* Chicken nuggets (homemade of course-I will post the recipe)

* Sandwich roll ups – fillings could be avocado and chicken, ham, peanut butter, marmite and cheese

* mini cheesy muffins (have a great recipe for this that ALL kids love, will post it)

* mini meatballs or chicken balls

* bite sized pizzas

* platter of raw veges with dips and hummus

* mini hamburgers

* mini quiches or pies

I can see you have been inspired by these suggestions and I am sure there are plenty more options out there.  I would love to hear what your healthy foods are for your little one’s parties.

In the meantime I will start to post the recipes.

Look what I have found …….

'monster' buntingc image image image image image imageIt has been fairly quiet here at earth party co so it gave me some time to source some great items from local small businesses around New Zealand.  I have managed to find the most gorgeous ‘monster’ bunting for decorating a monster party theme.  Then I found beautifully handcrafted wooden vehicles, wooden puzzles, portable chalk board in the brightest blue (or there is pink if you prefer), some really cool masks to decorate …….. the list goes on.  These items are what I can offer as party favours, something that is uniquely handmade with love and will last the years of play.

We have a winner!

I am pleased to announce that Emily Kate Lawrence has won the gorgeous blue dress from Raff’s Closet in our birthday memories competition. Congratulations Emily, your little girl is going to look gorgeous in it! Also a big thank you to Raff’s Closet for donating the dress.

Celebrating the launch of earth party co

Over on our Facebook page there is a free giveaway!!

All you need to do is post a comment telling me your favourite childhood birthday memory.  The dress has been kindly donated by my friend Kerryn from Raff’s Closet.  In the most delightful blue it will fit approx 12 months.

Please note – this competition is only open to NZ residents.


hello and welcome to earth party co.

i had an amazing time at our photo shoot yesterday piecing my party ideas together and then seeing them come to life.  the photos are just a sample of how i can make your child’s party special.  my mind is spinning with creative ideas so I look forward to chatting with you to design a party that reflects your child’s interests.

i am currently sourcing more props for various party ideas and am also in the process of constructing a pirate ship sail to sit upon the pirate party table to give the real effect of a pirate ship.